1031 Exchanges

Sellers of net leased retail investments seeking high quality replacement property that offers relief from capital gains taxes via a 1031 Exchange can rely on the NNN Properties Group to achieve their objectives.  We have entered into strategic marketing alliances with Qualified Intermediaries (“QIs”) in metropolitan centers across the country to provide our clients with a full-service 1031 Exchange platform capable of educating them on the process and executing a successful transaction on their behalf.

By leveraging our national network of QIs, we can provide an unparalleled professional team of exchange professionals with substantial expertise in structuring even the most challenging retail net leased exchange transactions.  We are experienced in facilitating all types of 1031 Exchange variations, including delayed, simultaneous, work-out and foreclosure, safe harbor reverse and improvement exchanges.

While the NNN Properties Group does not replace the role of legal and tax advisors, we are available to assist investors with the general requirements of the exchange process and identify excellent replacement properties that meet their investment objectives.  In addition, our network of QIs is available to ensure the success of the exchange by generating the necessary documentation, creating the required reciprocal transfer of properties, and protecting the exchange proceeds from the client’s actual or constructive receipt.  From the initial exchange consultation to the completion of the exchange, we are committed to being our clients’ primary resource for 1031 Exchange solutions and transaction management.

By relying on our service capabilities, our clients are ensured support from a strategic investment partner capable of leading them through all six steps of the 1031 Exchange process:

  • Determine Appropriate “Like-Kinded” Property Use – We assist our clients in determining what types of properties qualify as “like-kind” investments.
  • Select Qualified Intermediary – We will help our clients identify a competent QI in their region and ensure that their exchange money is secure during the transaction.
  • Create Short List During 45-Day Identification Period – By leveraging our access to an expansive national database of net leased investments with our superior market research and analytics, we work exhaustively to compile the right short list of replacement properties for our clients before the expiration of the 45-day identification window.
  • Close on Replacement Property During 180-Day Exchange Period – Upon expiration of the 45-day identification period until the closing deadline 180 day thereafter, we further assess our client’s investment objectives to ensure the selection of the optimal replacement property or properties, and work closely with the QI, escrow officer, title company and seller’s broker to completely the transaction seamlessly.

If you are preparing to engage in a 1031 exchange and would like to receive a free consultation on the transaction, please contact us or get started now by completing as much of the following questionnaire as possible:

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