Project Status For: Crepe Cone, Location #2 Site Selection

Project Description

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 04-22-2014
  • Predicted End: 08-01-2014

Current Tasks

4/21: Begin fleshing through all off-market sites while opening dialogue with brokers of vacant spaces, identifying short list of prospective locations.

Current Holds

I will place notes on the top three prospective locations here once we identify what those are.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Identify Short List of Prospective Sites

Step #1: Exhaust all prospective locations both on and off market, determining where potential deals may exist. Rank those locations according to desirability and begin developing a short list of 1-3 locations.

40% 40% Submit LOIs for Short List

Once short list is identified, begin submitting Letters of Intent ("LOI's") to each location's owner/landlord representative.

60% 60% Negotiate Preliminary Term Sheets for Short List

Commence the redlining process of the negotiations for top locations.

80% 80% Select Top Site and Begin Formal Lease Negotiations

Once the LOI for your top site has been signed off by both parties, begin drafting the final lease agreement.